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Industry Training

Industrial Training

Industry Training

  Training is an important part of enterprise human resource management. To be invincible in the competition of modern society, enterprises must pay attention to the training of employees. Through training, we can explore the potential of employees, improve their work skills, inherit corporate culture through training, and enhance corporate cohesion.


As a third-party service company, the professional business ability of Jiumi Textile Technical Service Center has always been the benchmark in the industry. In the past few years, there have been companies who want Jiumi to carry out inspection training programs so as to improve the quality of their products.



After several years of practical experience, Jiumi started in May 2020 to connect with several service platforms in the industry to jointly launch technical training programs in the textile industry, including: textile enterprise management, fashion trends, color trends, inspection and repair training content. As far as possible to help member companies to strengthen organizational capabilities, accelerate business growth, and improve the business skills of their employees. 

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