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JIUMI inspection includes fabric inspection, physical testing, fabric export crating, warehousing and export services.The company's inspection mechanism is based on the [American Standard 4-point system] and [Japanese Standard 10-point system] standards; the dust-free inspection workshop is equipped with custom-modified inspection equipment, which maximizes the accuracy of inspection and reduces customer losses.In order to better serve our customers and save unnecessary logistics costs and delivery time, JUMI also provides export services on behalf of our customers; in addition to this, we also provide inventory management services to help some small and medium-sized trading enterprises save unnecessary storage expenses to a certain extent.



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Inspection standards

A third party testing organisation appointed by quality customers. Our inspection team is familiar with all relevant laws and regulations and can provide one-stop textile inspection services for suppliers in accordance with different inspection standards to ensure the quality of raw materials purchased by buyers.



Building an initial relationship

In the early stages of cooperation, the two sides are in a trial period and the supplier is unable to gain the trust of the purchaser. Taking the initiative to have the products tested by a third-party inspection body is a guarantee of the quality of the supplier's products and the return of the payment; it is also a guarantee of the raw materials purchased by the purchaser.


Operations Model 

The "asset-light operation" model can reduce the company's capital investment, the investment in the production process of winding and inspection machines and the labour of inspectors, and leave the professional work to professional companies.


Reduce end-product defective rates

If the problem is found before the garment is produced and the material is repaired or the cut is avoided, the repair costs and probability of repair can be reduced and the damage avoided.

In addition to fabric inspection services, JIUMI Inspection also provides a range of value-added services such as physical testing, fabric export crating, warehousing and export on behalf of customers in order to better serve them.


Fabric inspection


Physical testing


Storage for rent


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JIUMI inspection execution standards

American Standard Four-Point System

Time of issue:2021-02-07 10:47:25
Fabric defects scoring criteria: "four points system" scoring
1 Faults ≤ 3 inches (0 ~ 8cm) 1 points
Defects 3 to 6 inches (8 to 15 cm) 2 points
Defects 6 to 9 inches (15 to 25 cm) 3 points
Defects ≥ 9 inches (more than 25cm) 4 points
2 Continuous blemishes 4 cents/yard
3 Larger blemishes (with holes, etc.) regardless of size 4 cents/yard
4 Cross-stitching, center-edge color, incorrect color, insufficient width, different width, wrinkles, poor finishing, etc., when they occur consecutively 4 cents/yard
5 Continuous blemishes of 3 yards or more Failure

Japanese standard decimal system

Time of issue:2021-02-07 10:47:41
Judgment Criteria Benchmark length: 100m
Grade A Grade B Grade C
Deduction of points ≤60 points 61 to 130 points >130 points
Number of defects ≤10 locations 11~22 places >22 locations
  Available Available Judgment


* After cutting the part with concentrated defects, if it does not affect the production, the judgment result may be changed.



Transverse file | Uneven weft | Shortening of weft Slightly obvious: 1 point for less than half a door width; 3 points for more than half a door width
Obvious: 3 points for less than half a door width; 5 points for more than half a door width
Very obvious: 5 points for less than half a door width; 10 points for more than half a door width
Stain | Color stain | Oil stain Slightly obvious/diameter (length) 2mm or less, 3 points
Obvious / diameter (long) 2mm or more, 10 points

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