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  Jiumi Textile Technical Service Center is located in Jiangsu-Shengze, formerly a company providing a series of textile services such as professional fabric and garment inspection, storage and export on behalf of the company. After several years of operation and experience accumulation, we have developed professional textile business such as fabric and garment repair, finished product quality improvement, textile enterprise skills training, fabric cleaning agent development and sales, third-party judicial appraisal, etc.

The company has cooperated with PQC, a Japanese fine management and testing organization for many years, to upgrade international strategic cooperation, and has cooperated with more than 20 foreign-funded enterprises in Korea, Japan, the United States, Britain, Italy, France, etc., as well as domestic Leland, Meters. Bangwei, Jinba men's clothing and other 200 large textile and garment enterprises to establish a long-term strategic cooperation. 

Jiumi adheres to the customer-centered and responsibility-based business philosophy, combined with professional business ability, to create the maximum possible economic benefits for customers, and has been widely recognized by brands, trading partners and manufacturers. On this basis, Jiumi has built a platform for production and business docking, so that manufacturing and production parties can display their main products in multiple channels and dock with high-quality customers; so that brand trade parties can purchase the fabrics they need without worrying about the quality of the products. We strive to create maximum economic benefits for Jiumi's customers and achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

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