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Third party identification cases

Third party identification cases



The fabric buyer ordered several tens of thousands of meters of fabric from the fabric trader. After receiving the goods, the buyer found that the fabric had quality problems and returned the goods to the fabric trader for compensation.
The fabric trader agreed with the dyeing factory and the embroidery factory to entrust our company to inspect the whole batch of fabrics and identify the responsible party.
1. Classify the whole batch of fabrics into grades, A and B products are acceptable to the purchaser without compensation.
2. Pick out all the C products, take samples and photos of various problems in the unqualified products, then subdivide them into dyeing defects and weaving defects according to the type of defects, and count the percentage of dyeing defects and weaving defects.
3. The dyeing factory and the embroidery merchant confirmed the classification of various defects and their causes.
4. Our company issued a complete inspection report, the purchaser and supplier, the dyeing factory and the embroidery merchant, confirmed the results without doubt, and each assumed the corresponding part.

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