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Jiumi inspection case

Jiumi inspection case



A batch of transfer printed fabric was exported by sea. During the shipping process, due to improper preservation and packaging methods and high humidity at sea, the color transfer of the fabric printing color caused several tens of thousands of meters of fabric damage and serious loss.

After analyzing the problem, we started to make effective solutions.
We decided to use a tension-free paper winder to upgrade the fabric winding and packaging, which can effectively avoid the color transfer problem.
Finally, we finished the packaging of the inspection products on time with high quality and quantity, and shipped the products smoothly, and no more color transfer occurred during the transportation process, which effectively solved the problem for our customers.



The three-layer laminated embroidered leather film fabric is difficult to pack on a roll, and when shipped in packs, the film will be bonded together after squeezing between the film and the film, damaging the surface of the film.
The embroidered part of the rolled fabric would be pressed into the surface of the leather film, which would cause marks that could not be removed by ironing.

After understanding the customer's needs, we use special material paper to make tension-free rolls to avoid bonding between films,
It also avoids embroidery squeeze marks.
The outer packaging is packed separately in cartons to prevent collision damage during transportation.
The customer is very satisfied with the packaging of our inspection products.








French velvet fabric, the dyeing process is airflow cylinder, the cloth has airflow wrinkle style.
When this fabric is rolled, if the tension is too big, the airflow wrinkle feeling will be flattened and affect the style.
If the tension is adjusted loosely, the rolled fabric surface will be easily wefted and slanted, which will affect the tissue texture and is not conducive to the cutting bed.

Our Japanese-style inspection and rewinding machine comes with the function of wrong side, whole weft, tension adjustment, etc., and we have very skillful technology for such fabrics.
It is said that "selling is selling", the good or bad packaging directly affects the value of the item itself, customers can get double control of quality packaging through our roll packaging.



Reflective fabric with special reflective material on its surface. The characteristics of the fabric are slippery, easy to wrinkle, and cannot be squeezed and damp, so it is very difficult to roll and pack.
Customers have tried various packing methods, but they can't avoid the above problems.

For this kind of fabric, we offer a solution after seeing the fabric and understanding its characteristics.
Using our winding machine, we can stagger the edges, have the performance of rubber roll, and open the anti-wrinkle and anti-slip adjusting device at the same time, which can make the reflective fabric into a roll very well.
After the roll is formed, we use professional plastic sealing machine for vacuum film bag packing, and the outer packing is packed separately in cardboard box, with snaps for fixing the fabric at both ends of the box to prevent collision and abrasion during transportation.

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